Howdy, it has been a while since I have last posted my thoughts on here. I have been busy as of late. I have mentioned starting to home-school my wee one, and that has been a wonderful experience, but of course time consuming. Knowing exactly where my child is learning wise has been eye opening. I can tailor her class work to target areas she is struggling with and have seen great improvement over the last month, especially in her math skills. It is true that main steam or public school is no longer the best way to provide an education. There is so much destruction in the world, and though I do not want to hinder her or make her naive, I do feel that she is too young to be subjected to society and the pressures that seem to be put on ones so young.
I am looking forward to seeing her open up and be more eager to learn. I will try to post more often, time gets away from me at times with how life goes now a days.

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